Outside Temperature
Barometric Pressure
Wind Direction
Outside Humidity
Wind Speed
Gust Speed
Latitude: 54° 59.19' N
Longitude: 001° 25.06' W
Altitude: 45 meters
Station uptime: 88 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes
Server uptime: 97 days, 4 hours, 54 minutes

We are up and running May 2015

Looks like we're up and running...

As the system has only just been brought on-stream, historical data will take time to accumulate, and there may need to be some extra tuning and/or calibration required.

If there are any obvious errors, or problems affecting useability, Please contact Tech Support in the Simulator Department.


December 10th 2015 :

Combined Humidity/Temperature sensor appears to have failed. Investigating cause...

December 17th 2015 :

Sensor (Sensirion SHT11) intermittent/unresponsive under test. New unit ordered from Farnell 15/12/2015.

December 21st 2015 :

SHT11 replaced and assembly refitted. Readings may take a day or so to stabilize due to weatherproofing compound outgassing.

January 4th 2015 :

The replacement sensor Ass'y continues to show intermittent data. There is evidence that either one or the other sensor is active and producing data which suggests a communication or power issue. There is a hardware mod I can try before condemning the existing module - might take a couple of days.

The carrier PCB is heavily corroded under the moulded-on weatherproofing. A replacement PCB is under development.

20/01/2016 : Rebuilt sensor now in place. The sensor element will take a day or so to rehydrate and produce stable readings.


April 2016 :

The processing hardware has been upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 2 B+ - the speed increase (Quad core and higher clock speed) was needed as the database has grown large enough that website file generation was taking too long to complete, blocking the download task from the Vantage datalogger and causing the software to abort.

The Interweb

December 2017 :

This site has now been unleashed to the wider world. (Thank you, Lee!)